Float is your travel companion

Set up your account

Download the app and signup by either connecting your Google account or by providing your email and creating a password. To complete your profile, sync your email and bank details, and enable location awareness. Next you’ll set a budget so that Float can help you track your spending.

Track Your Spending

Keep track of what you're spending on local transport with Float Activity. Float syncs with Gmail to summarize receipts and analyze your behavior. Simple charts let you see where you can make changes that save you money.

Compare local transport providers

Simply type in where you're going and Float will show you all the transport options available to you. Float takes into account things like surge pricing, peak travel times, and even your impact on the planet to make sure you’re getting around in the most efficient way possible for you.

Earn Float points

There are multiple ways you can earn Float Points as you use the app. Float Points can be redeemed for rewards cards, discounts on local transportation, and access to exclusive experiences, designed just for you. Just use the app as you normally would and you'll see points in your account.

How Float Helps

Float believes in mindful transportation and that starts with understanding what you are spending and where. More data leads to better decision making.

Float can eliminate the back and forth.

Sign up for Float today.

See where you can save, get exclusive tips and offers, and live a better life, it’s the mindful way to travel.