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Float is the first free and truly independent travel budget app. It helps you create and maintain a budget for all of your local travel and will surface the best and lowest cost options for you.

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Float is smart. If you let it, it can track your location so that it can provide you with all available transportation options and make smart recommendations as to which provider to use.

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Only Float helps you set a budget that is based on where you actually go and the transportation options you actually use. Other apps either don't track your spending at all or they aren't smart enough to make personal recommendations.

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With Float, you'll know when to take the car for a spin and when to leave it in the garage. Float includes car-sharing, rentals, and emerging approaches to partial car ownership.

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Float rewards you for smart behavior. Whenever you stay on budget, avoid peak travel times or travel with friends, we'll take note and offer you additional discounts on future travel.

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Create budgets, keep your family on schedule, simplify your commute, and plan your getaways, it's the effortless way to manage your transportation.