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Save time and money and travel smarter

Smart Spending

Float is the first local travel app that helps with your spending. Just tell it how much you want to spend and the app will monitor your travel and make recommendations based on who you are and how you like to travel.

Track your total transportation spending -- ride-hailing, car rentals, bikes and scooters, and public transportation.
Learn about transportation options that can help you get more for your money.
Receive alerts for overspending such as surge pricing.

Be Yourself

The more Float learns about you, the better its recommendations get. Once the app learns your transportation preferences, it will match you with the right mobility options for you.

Once we learn your transportation preferences we provide you with a customized plan made just for you and your entire family.

Get from A to B as efficiently as possible.
Go in style in the latest luxury vehicles.
Choose eco-friendly options and save the planet.


Float rewards you for smart behavior. Whenever you stay on budget, avoid peak travel times or travel with friends, we'll take note and offer you additional discounts on future travel.

Earn rewards every time you open the app.
Get exclusive offers and earn points.
Offers from the mobile providers you already know.

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See where you can save, get exclusive tips and offers, and live a better life, it's the mindful way to travel